Based on decades of supporting and service experience, TWB professional application design team and after-sales technical team summarized common problems and solutions in bearing design, selection, installation and maintenance, and failure analysis.
Mounting and Maintenance of Bearings
Right mounting and maintenance are essential to longer bearing life. If it is maintained properly, actual bearing life may be longer than the expected life, and the cost we spend will be much less than the loss caused by bearing damage in advance.
Correct mounting and maintenance include periodic lubricating, periodic check and replacement of sealing, periodic temperature measurement, vibration measurement and clearance adjustment if necessary.
Factors to be considered when selecting bearing lubricating grease: load property, working speed, working temperature, working load, bearing structure and accuracy, environmental conditions, vibration and noise, pollution, grease leakage, etc.
Installation FAQs
Not using professional installation tools, resulting in bearing installation damage, early failure. 
Improper selection of grease leads to poor lubrication of bearings and shortened service life.
Excessive filling of grease causes the running temperature of bearings to rise too high, and grease overflow causes pollution. 
Neglecting the daily maintenance of bearings leads to early failure of bearings.
Installing the Solution
Using professional installation tools.
Choose the right lubricant.
Check various parameters of bearings regularly.
And make appropriate adjustments.
Bearing Application Expert

Bearing Application Expert is a professional tool software independently developed by TWB for bearing users to select models for bearing applications.

The software not only includes guidance on bearing selection, fault diagnosis and failure analysis, but also provides a wide range of basic data. It provides convenient calculation tools in terms of installation & fitting, clearance and passing frequency. It also provides professional analysis and calculation in terms of mechanics, lubrication, friction characteristics, etc., and can consider more factors in terms of life calculation, The modified life theory can be used for calculation and comparison.

The software is mainly for designers, developers and researchers of bearing application machinery manufacturing enterprises, bearing application engineers, design engineers and user service engineers of bearing manufacturing enterprises, as well as for quick query by bearing suppliers and application guidance for users.

Bearing Application Expert