When the bearing is working, it can bear radial load or axial load. Select different types of bearings according to the working conditions of the bearings, to better play the functions of the bearings and extend the service life of the bearings. Factors to be considered when selecting bearings include radial load, axial load, speed, radial runout, axial runout, operating temperature, noise, lubrication conditions, etc.
Low speed, impact resistance and vibration resistance.
The roller is in linear contact with the raceway, with large load capacity, mainly bearing radial load.
This bearing has extremely high radial load capacity and rigidity and is particularly suitable for compact structural design.
Both sides of SL04 series bearings are sealed, and the cavity is filled with grease. It can withstand appropriate tilting moment.
High speed, high precision, high rigidity, impact resistance, vibration resistance, and large axial load.
High speed, high precision, low noise and vibration. It mainly bears radial load and also bears certain axial load; easy manufacturing and low cost.
This bearing has high rotation accuracy and limit speed, low friction and low temperature rising. It has certain rigidity but is not resistant to impact.