Legal Statement

Statement: The following provisions are applicable to all visitors or browsers who visit this website. Jiangsu TWB Bearings Co., Ltd. (Hereafter TWB) reserves the right to revise these provisions at any time. The right to visit this website is granted by TWB according to the following clauses. Please stop visiting this website if you do not agree to any of the following clauses. TWB has the right to resort to legal and just countermeasures against acts the violate these provisions.

1. Use the Website
1.1 This website is only for non-profit use. Any of the statement of rights has to be observed. The lack of relevant statement of rights does not mean that we are not entitled to the rights. The lawful rights and interests have to be respected and relevant legal provisions have to be abided by.
1.2 Do not take any action to modify, duplicate, publicize, lease, sell the contents of the website on any open occasions or for any business purposes. It is forbidden to use the contents of this website in any other websites or media no matter what purposes such action is to serve.
1.3 We have the right to modify, restrict, suspend or terminate your visit or use of this website at any time without prior notice. Meanwhile, we shall not be held responsible for any effect such moves may bring upon a third party.
1.4 The contents of this website are protected by laws and regulations. If the use clause is violated, the violator has to bear the consequences and legal responsibilities arising thereof.

2. Website Information
2.1 The information of this website includes but is not restricted only to texts, pictures, statistics, opinions, advice, web pages or links without having to append any form of explicit or implicit guarantee. Though we have taken prudent measures to ensure the accuracy of uploaded information, we can not guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of the information therein, hence we state clearly that we shall not be held responsible for errors or skips in the documents or contents of the website. Neither shall we make promises in relation to proprietorship, non-violation of third party rights, quality or immunity from computer viruses.
2.2 We have the right to modify or update website information at any time without notice. The modified or updated contents will take effect as soon as they are publicized on this website. Please visit this website regularly in order to get the latest information.

3. Personal Data Protection
3.1We fully respect your privacy and will spare no efforts to protect your personal data. Under normal circumstances, you can visit our website without providing your personal data. Nevertheless, in a bid to improve our service quality, we may request you to provide some personal data so that we can offer you service on the basis of a better knowledge about your needs. Meanwhile, we have the right to take measures and verify the authenticity of the offered personal data. If you choose to fill forms voluntarily and provide your name, ID code, sex, date of birth, nationality, profession, title, email address, telephone number, contact address, post code and other personal data in order to enter for activities, subscribe to messages, accept interviews of market research or customer satisfaction, we shall understand it that you have already known and accepted that your personal data be used for a particular purpose and have agreed that we use your personal data to realize a particular purpose.
3.2 The personal data you offered shall be used and shared only within our company or our associated businesses. The use of your personal data is intended only to have a better understanding of your needs, offer you better services or facilitate the implementation of business affairs. Meanwhile, we may use your personal data to contact you and offer you services.
3.3 We pledge that we shall never sell your personal data at any time and under any circumstances; we shall use the personal data obtained according to this clause only within the scope permitted by the law. Nevertheless, we may provide your personal data to relevant government agencies upon request by the law or the government agencies; or we may publicize some personal data in the best minimum scope if we have reason to believe it is necessary to do so to protect the company, our clients or the general public. We deem it that you have already predicted and agreed to the occurrence of such happenings when you provide us your personal data.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
4.1We have exclusive possession of the copyright and / or other relevant intellectual property rights for all documents or contents carried in this website, including but not restricted by the texts, pictures, audio and video files, page design, layout and software etc. except contents that are noted as being quoted from other places.
Without our prior permission, nobody should in any way duplicate, sell, reprint, broadcast, super-link or transfer or mirror-upload to other servers any of the contents in our website, or save them in information search system or use them for any business purposes, excluding using them for non-profit purposes or downloading or printing them for individual use on condition that no attempt is made to modify them and the indications of copyright and other signs of ownership are reserved in the documents.
4.2 All trademarks and markings used and shown in this website are in the possession of TWB except otherwise specified. The contents appearing in our website must not be viewed as having got the written approval of TWB or any other party, and must not be understood as having been hinted, consented or in other way conferred the permission or right to use the fore-said trademarks and markings. Without our prior written approval, nobody should be allowed to use the name, trademarks and logos of TWB in any way.

5. Limit of Liability
We shall not be responsible for any losses caused by the use of our website or the linked websites, including but not restricted to losses of businesses, revenue, profits, reputation, data etc. whether they have warranties, contracts, conducts of infringement or any other legal basis or whether they have received advice about the likelihood of damage. The visitor shall have to bear all expenses for the maintenance, repair or correction of data or equipment caused by the use of our website.

6. Application of Law
The act of visiting our website and using facilities and / or services indicated by the website addresses provided in our website implies that you have agreed that such visits and the offering of such facilities and / or services are governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China and you agree to subject yourself to the jurisdiction of the courts of the People’s Republic of China. In the event that disputes arise in this regard, both parties should find solutions through consultations. Whereas consultations fail, you agree that the local court that has jurisdiction over us according to our legal address shall be the arbitration court.

7. We hold the right for the interpretation of this legal statement as well as of the use of our website.