Bearing normally is only regarded as common standard part so that application design will not be analyzed accurately. It is not strange to see too large carriage with small horse, or small carriage with too big horse! However since application conditions are so different that bearings’ application design is extremely important during the design phase of equipment.

Based on decades of successful supporting experience and years of in-depth research by the TWB application design team, we have formed a unique value in many application fields. In addition to the existing product series, it can also design customized products for customers and provide analysis and guidance on bearing application design. Including: selection of bearing type, determination of clearance, bearing configuration, lubrication mode, installation design, friction heating and theoretical calculation. 

Application Design

The bearing life we generally talk about refers to the total revolutions of any rolling element or any raceway in a bearing before spalling fatigue occurs, or the working hours at a certain speed. The bearing life discussed in most textbooks is also the theoretical design life around fatigue life. However, in many cases, the actual service life of the bearing is far from the theoretical fatigue life. According to statistics, more than 80% of the early failure of the bearing is not caused by the normal fatigue of the bearing. As shown in the figure on the right, only 15% of bearing damage is theoretical fatigue damage. Most bearings have been damaged due to poor lubrication, improper installation or pollution before running to bearing fatigue damage.

In a broad sense, the service life of bearings depends on: type selection, working conditions, bearing design, raw materials manufacturing process, heat treatment, installation & adjustment, sealing, lubrication, etc. These factors depend on each other and affect each other. Any one of these factors can affect the bearing life when the bearing type is determined, the rest factors will jointly affect the life of the bearing. TWB engineers can analyze which of the many elements is the most important according to the customer’s actual situation, and propose an overall solution.

Application Design FAQ
  • Improper selection, resulting in unnecessary waste or frequent replacement.
  • Improper bearing configuration, can not adapt to thermal expansion.
  • Unreasonable installation, resulting in early bearing failure.
  • Bearing internal parameters are not correct, such as clearance is too small, resulting in early wear.
  • Improper choice of lubricant leads to poor lubrication.
  • The calculation of theoretical life is inaccurate and environmental factors are not considered.
Application design solutions
Using professional bearing analysis software, combined with professional bearing application experience, comprehensive analysis of the equipment structure and operating conditions, the use of limited space, reasonable cost to put forward systematic solutions, to meet the design requirements of customers to the greatest extent.

Based on decades of successful supporting experience and years of in-depth research by the TWB application design team, we have formed a unique value in many application fields. In addition to the existing product series, we can also design customized products for customers and provide analysis and guidance on bearing application and design.

The elevator industry has higher requirements for bearing performance, which is mainly focusing on high-speed, smooth and noise performance. China is the largest manufacturing country and consumer market in the world's elevator industry, and most of the world's famous elevator companies have factories in China. As one of the first bearing suppliers to realize import substitution in the elevator industry, TWB already has been supporting most of the leading enterprises in these industries for more than ten years, and has occupied the leading share in this market.
Construction machinery is mainly used in transportation, construction, industrial and civil construction etc. The types of equipment include excavator, crane, road roller, piling machinery, pavement construction machinery, concrete machinery etc. According to the application characteristics of different equipment, TWB has developed a series of special products, with stronger load capacity and less time for assembly and adjustment, to ensure that customers' equipment can continuously work with safety and reliability under harsh environment.
Hoist machinery is often in intermittent motion, and always in the working status of starting, braking, forward and backward running; Although the speed is not high, but it often bears heavy load; Most of them work continuously under harsh environment such as dust or seawater corrosion for a long time. The whole series of TWB products have decades of successful supporting experience in domestic and foreign customers.
The concrete mixing truck uses a special reducer, which is different from the traditional reducer. Its structural design and manufacturing process are very special, so bearing is required to adapt to the bad working conditions of low speed, heavy load, partial load and impact load. Especially even when the flange connection transfer large swing Angle variation still need keep stable, reliable, low noise operation.
Usually, the equipment that used in Metallurgical industry continuously work in the harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, heavy load and heavy dust, so they have high requirements for equipment performance.TWB’s high quality bearings contribute to the stable operation of customer’s equipment. Our products are mainly used in continuous casting machine,
The main function of gearbox is to change speed, change torque, and generally run continuously without interruption. The bearings are required to have high reliability, long life and low noise. According to the application characteristics of the gearbox industry, TWB has developed several series of gearbox bearings through selecting more pure bearing steel and improving the bearing manufacturing precision, to help customer to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency with these high cost performance bearings.
Mining equipment usually operates under harsh environments such as dust and muddy water condition, and needs to bear extreme application conditions such as low speed and heavy load, impact and vibration. Its harsh operating environment causes a great challenge to the reliable operation of the equipment.
The main processes for cement production include ore collection and crushing, raw meal preparation and pre-homogenization, calcination, clinker grinding etc. The categories of production equipment have complex, poor operating environment, continuous operation and high reliability requirements.
Bearing working condition in cold forming machine industry is bad with the big cycle impact load, poor lubrication condition, many impurities produced during operation, and easy wear and tear. Because of the high cost of emergency maintenance, customers have higher requirements for bearing wear resistance, reliability and working life.
TWB special series bearings for high-speed press industry, use the high-quality steel and high strength cage, optimized structure design, improved manufacturing precision, special heat treatment process, to produce special high speed press bearing with shock resistance, wear resistance, high speed, low vibration, and realize long life, high reliability and energy saving for bearing.
To better meet the laundry machine smoothly running requirement under the condition of high speed, high temperature rising, TWB improves manufacturing process standards and provides a series of special bearing with higher precision for this industry, which not only meets the requirement for higher load and high speed, smoothly and quietly running, but also effectively reduces heat generating when machine is running and increases the service life.
With the development of textile machinery towards light, multi-function and high-speed, higher requirements have been put forward for the structure, performance and reliability of bearings. The whole series of TWB products are widely used and win the long-term trust of customers in the field of textile machine, with the assurance of high speed, low vibration, low noise, and long life.
Blower & fan is machinery used to compress gas or convey gas, generally used for ventilating, dust exhausting or cooling. The fan industry has uneven performance requirements for bearings. Based on higher-end fan applications, TWB already has established a product reputation of low noise, high stability and long life.
There are many types of papermaking equipment, and the operating environment varies from place to place. It has the characteristics of heavy load, high speed, impact load, high temperature and high humidity. The whole series of TWB products can meet the application requirements of different parts of paper making equipment, effectively deal with the application environment of heavy load, high temperature and high speed,