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Instruction of Distributor Visual Identity Manual

Issue time:2012-01-17 06:56:51 Source:Jiangsu TWB Bearings Co., Ltd. Click:6537

Jiangsu TWB Bearing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as TWB) appreciates the cooperation with its distributors. This guide is provided in order to help our distributors to correctly understand and use the TWB image. As a TWB authorized distributor, your promotion will benefit both sides. We suggest you use TWB’s logo in your workplace and promotion in accordance with Visual Identity of Distributor. It not only tells distribtors how to use the TWB logo, registered trademark and standard colors, but also primarily, provides distributors with many advertising elements which enable distributors to better promote the TWB brand name and build up the TWB image.
In addition, TWB provides automobile body advertisements, booth design specifications and store exterior and interior decoration designs in this guide. The TWB Marketing Department will improve these instructions in reference to distributors’ suggestions. 

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