Why Join Us

In TWB, you can grow and develop if you are passionate for learning and working. TWB provides an equal and public platform and build up an excellent environment for career development in an effort to certify we are one of the most reliable and respected employers. Please do not hesitate to join us to grow up and make brilliance together.

1、Long Term Career Development
When you're on the road to success, TWB is with you all the way. When you join us, we will entrust you with major clients and critical projects. We always believe that the challenges you face will give you ample opportunity to prove and develop yourself.

Engineer-Sr. Engineer-Specialist-Sr. Specialist

2、Work Life Balance
At TWB, our consistent principle is to encourage work-life balance. We strictly follow the 8 hours working system and take vacations as national standards. After all, happy and motivated employees are more productive, which then translates to success for all.
3、Harmonious Work Environment
We promise to treat our employees equally and assure their safety and health. Besides, our culture focuses on both process and results. Most importantly, we try our best to provide all career development opportunities as possible as we can under the principle of our company’s strategic goal.
Specific performance:
Employee Safety and Health:
1、Providing protective tools like glasses, shoes, e.g.
2、Bath place
3、Annual physical examination
4、Central air-conditioning

Staff Communications & Caring:
1、Internal and external communications
2、Various activities, like travelling, sports competition, annual party, e.g.
3、Take good care of ill employees, and make necessary job adjustment for them
4、Donation system
5、SMS platform operation
6、Pay attention to those retired and turnover employees

Culture Diversity:
1、Employee from different locations
2、Equal employee training opportunities and development system regardless of what their background, sex religion and locations are.

4、Competitive C&B
Our C&B system means a lot to our employees & investment in the future. Adjustment will be made regularly according to authority marketing research data and our business development strategies. Money is not the only important thing in life. Aside from a competitive salary, we pay much attention to the people-oriented culture. We belief TWB is your best choice for opportunities, benefits and assurance.

Salary Structure: Wage and Variety of Bonus
A target salary will be made at the very beginning, which will rise with the service year. Usually, we use bonus to evaluate employees’ performance. It can not only show people’s capability and value, but also influences people’s total income greatly, which then will motivate people to work hard for realizing our business goals.

We set a target bonus for each of our employees according to their contribution, background, relative marketing data, and so on. And their performance will be evaluated quarterly. Detail factors are like whole company performance, teamwork & personal KPI, e.g.
We encourage people to solve problems by project cooperation, which may be better for benefits making. And we have special bonus for those excellent project members.

Then, different kinds of staff activities are appreciated, like badminton competition, photographing competition, annual party, and so on. As usual, those outstanding ones will get a reward.

Besides, TWB offers us:
1、Birthday presents
2、Family day, travelling, home and abroad
3、Covering travelling expenses for going home in spring festival will
4、Long-term service award
5、Variety of activities
6、Holiday welfare
7、Transportation allowance, working in high temperature allowance, etc.
Better compensation opportunities will come true if the company get a marvelous performance. By this, employees will directly know the operation status and understand the real meaning of benefits sharing.