To Jobseekers

There’s always an old saying about the difficulty of job choosing. When seeing the frightened rat in toilet and plump rat in warehouse, Li Si says a person who can be talent or not, is greatly influenced by the environment he lives. Therefore, he goes to Qin dynasty and assists the first emperor to unify whole China, as a result of which, he wins glorious reputation. Currently, to choose a good job among the fierce competition is not an easy thing as well.

Then, how to analyze and make your final decisions, applicants?
Company’s prospect is the key. How to keep success in the fierce competition depends on good products and consistent development of the company.
Company’s culture is important as well, since it can not only encourage our employees, but also help to keep consistent development.
Company’s C&B is the assurance of employee’s life quality. On the other hand, it shows the operation status and the attention to employees.
Here is the information of TWB for your reference.
1. Located in the beautiful city of Wuxi, TWB is trying to be the benchmark for Chinese bearings with high technologies. That’s reason why we have talent acquisition.
2. We have competitive C&B policies especially for those who have made great contributions through various ways. E.g. we paid more than 400,000 RMB to those participating in the project improvement.
3. Besides, we have attractive welfare. In the factory, central air-conditioning is equipped. Also, some abroad travelling opportunities will be provided for those outstanding employees.
4. Good work & cooperative environment. Fairness and morality are common here, and you can learn from each other to make improvement.
Great achievement is hard to be realized in poor environment. And here is the platform belonging to you.
A real man should be self-improvement, be tolerant to diversity. So, if you want to be something in bearing industry, do not be hesitating to join us.